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... A fund to reduce private sector emissions from process heat will lead to 1.875 million fewer tonnes of greenhouse gases being emitted by 2035. But this can only be seen as a challenge, for those like us to try even harder, to do more, and to perhaps lead by example. While, both can be used at any and all instances, it is generally considered that ‘how are you’ is a more formal and reserved greeting than ‘how are you doing.’ ‘How are you doing’ is mainly used more in a more laid-back setting with people who are familiar to the speaker. A rather flat "How are you doing?" ABAC provides advice to leaders annually on business priorities. Are you well? It is those of us who are able to do something who must take up the fight on their behalf. High time Key was given a direct challenge the very people he mistakenly thinks he represents. That said, going by such things as Obama’s recent speech, some of them are starting to get concerned that they may just be cutting off the branch on which they are sitting. How are you all doing nowadays?” The question has been bothering South Korea ever since early December when Ju Hyun-woo, an economics student at Korea University, put up a dazibao – a handwritten poster commonly used by opponents of the dictatorship in the 1980s, taking a cue from the propaganda messages that flourished in China under Chairman Mao. The GAC has been ... Editor’s Note: Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage. ... A principal analyst for the Climate Change Commission says more needs to be done to reduce agricultural emissions or the country will miss its methane targets. The rate of cover up is a problem though. Something for us to think about here in NZ? Search, discover and share your favorite How Are You GIFs. Donald Trump, elected on a promise to ‘drain the swamp’ and a constant mocker of his predecessors, ... For over a decade commentators have noted the rise of a new brand of explicitly ideological politics throughout the world. (I greet you) Ere wach? It’s also a bit more formal than “How are you doing?” How are you doing? “Our top priority continues ... Today’s deal between Meridian and Rio Tinto for the Tiwai smelter to remain open another four years provides time for a managed transition for Southland. Written By: The #1 community for posting everything photography related! I also have family that have moved to Oz (siblings). How can such withdrawn, isolated, unsociable people be motivated to do anything for the good of their country and others, including themselves? Newsletter: New Zealand Politics Daily – January 20 2021, Family matters: why people can hold political views that disadvantage their own sex. Going great. We'll highlight some of these interactions in this blog post. That is, the idea that while welfare is necessary for the alleviation of disadvantage it also has a role in maintaining or possibly even causing disadvantage. Not that he was for an instant offering to lead by example. Look at the data, not news headlines, School Strike 4 Climate is holding a "100 Days 4 Action" rally outside Parliament on the 26th. We're doing a full mid to late 80s Vocal house show myself uh Richie and original good man, but it's gonna be stuff you don't know gonna be stuff you don't know call at to Mark Ashley Andy Stains Andy Cartwright Rickman um Lou Brown um. Living in a shoebox. While the president was busy claiming increasing economic prosperity, many of the general population have not been feeling it. When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, we had two sets of grandparents to help out. Read the full article here ... Over the years, we've published many rebuttals, blog posts and graphics which came about due to direct interactions with the scientists actually carrying out the underlying research or being knowledgable about a topic in general. Perhaps there needs to be a posters battle. (I am doing well, and you?) I hadn’t really realised anything was amiss in the lives of ordinary South Koreans, probably because I know so little about the country but then one day in my inbox was a notice from about the Railway Workers strike that got my attention, and it was huge: “…………………………… involving hundreds of thousands of people on the last weekend of 2013”. :::::>:>:>:> You’re next! “These special plant ... To further protect New Zealand from COVID-19, the Government is extending pre-departure testing to all passengers to New Zealand except from Australia, Antarctica and most Pacific Islands, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said today. → do Examples from the Corpus how (are) you doing? Strong interdependent relationships will be key in the future, and functional extended families are one of the most stable ways of doing that. No doubt part of Key’s great plan to advance this country (business) by offering up the sacrificial offering of low paid workers, which he will advance by limiting the amount of actual work carried out here, and importing lower paid workers from the Philippines. Getting to Browser Tab Zero so I can reboot the computer is awfully hard when the one open tab is a Table of Contents for the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, and every issue has more stuff I want to read. Historically, they are quicker to anger than Kiwis, and have a stronger sense of agency. Typical responses to “how are you?” in Polish. • Hiya George how are you doing? That’s what the Left has to deliver to the bottom 50%. ), but the most common response to just say Not much. I am hoping that you have all been working like crazy to get your business to a point where you don't have money worries again. Five of the men are deportees from Australia, with three subject to ... Travellers from the United Kingdom or the United States bound for New Zealand will be required to get a negative test result for COVID-19 before departing, and work is underway to extend the requirement to other long haul flights to New Zealand, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins confirmed today. King Leopold of Belgium in the Congo, the Dutch in the Spice Islands, the Spanish and Portugese in lots of places etc. I have missed you guys! Someone should mention this to John Key and Tony Abbot. ... Schools have told the Education Review Office that some children lost 10 weeks of learning in last year's lockdowns, but the overall impact of the pandemic is still unclear. The binge drinking-sleep in late syndrome might apply to the scions of the plutocrats, but even this is not sustainable for them. By doing that, you ARE leading by example. Indeed. You sound as if you are in the fantasy land of Wizard of Oz following the yellow brick road that ‘paves the way to prosperity’. Presumably you have some or you wouldn’t be so complacent. Photo with The Guardian article: Dazibao messages for the government during a recent strike by workers in Seoul over fears the government may privatise the national rail operator, Korail. What the hell happened to us that so many people worship a moderately successful casino gambler who can’t string a sentence together and wants nothing more than to please Uncle Sam? Must be tough, huh? (Very well, and you?) They are feeling things are wrong, and too many people are struggling. When times are hard, it’s the poor who have dragged the country down and dug the hole it wallows in. Sadly there was No Alternative to those benefit cuts. The cold supply chain can’t reach everywhere – that’s a big problem for equitable COVID-19 vac... health inequities and promote social justice. greywarbler – Australia (under the “Mad Monk”) has rejoined the “race to the bottom” for worker’s rights and the rights of the poor. 8:21 pm, January 31st, 2014 - 46 comments So many are also isolated, and the social fabric here in Auckland is very loose now. There is always an alternative such as taxing wankers like you to pay for the mess your version of capitalism wreaks across the world, In conclusion, you have nothing to add except ‘wing-nut’ bullshit why not piss off and commune with ‘wail-oil’ i am sure the pair of you will have mutual respect after all it is obvious that you both are capable of both sucking and swallowing…. Always nice to look at Frank MacSkasy’s photo’s of demo’s to see all the neat placards. Stick to a game plan and don't waver. I hope the unions in Australia sit up and push back hard, while they still can. I wonder if there are semi permanent solutions to postering, ie, keeping a message visible during it’s relevancy? Here’s The Times of Israel from 16 November. And that could be partly true, if there is a hole, the wealthy would never get their hands calloused digging it. Risultati: 175961. The US House of Representatives has just impeached Donald Trump, giving him the dubious honour of being the only US President to be impeached twice. It’s actually a new class struggle led by those in the top 5%. Most of you won't know me which is all cool, just come say hi hello hey hola hej :) I look forward to meeting you all (and catching up with some) over the next few weeks as I start playing regularly again! The frail elderly and COVID vaccines – should we be concerned? But also it’s instructive to consider what gave that poster so much power. The interesting thing Rosie is that when i took the time to check out who it was exactly that was postering over my little efforts as fast as i could put them up i found someone who to a certain extent appeared to be a fellow traveler in the anti-government movement in Wellington at the time, Being paid to,or, postering over my efforts as an act of jealousy were the two conclusions i came to when i considered His behavior, as an act of Utu i co-opted quite a crowd to attend a meeting of an organization that He held a high office in and we simply voted the prick out, a just reward for His efforts no matter what the motivation was…. Trump's Surprisingly Large Army Of New Zealand Supporters. In fact they wailed that if slavery were stopped the economy would fail. Social media has been added into the mix: the idea of the poster movement has partly gathered momentum from people taking photos of their handwritten posters, and posting them online. This sounded like a lot of the same problems as here in NZ. In contrast, a handwritten poster in a public space has sincerity. I don’t know a lot about South Korea, but I was under the impression it had a booming economy, was at the forefront of development of digital technologies, and had a pretty successful screen production industry. To impact or not to impeach? The Government’s prudent fiscal management and strong policy programme in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic have been acknowledged by the credit rating agency Fitch. I’m pretty standard right now. This is especially appropriate to send when your friend … Extract: “The Budget contains a number of measures that aim to bring about change in the personal behaviour of welfare recipients. It can guarantee a liveable income for other work, More Cows To Be Exported From Port Taranaki Tomorrow, ‘Gangland’ Book Ban By Corrections: Inmates Should Lose Right To Choose. Yesterday we had the unseemly sight of a landleech. Poor and people on benefits may want activists focus more on the direct issues and challenges, rather than be told that they should take on a certain political mindset or follow a certain “left” or whatever direction. The Plan B implosion – what Brazil teaches us about the herd immunity hogwash, The ‘brutal’ catch-22 politics of trying to move to affordable housing. Help support the organic farming of our Lumad communities through the Mindanao Community School Agricultural Foundation. Instead of asking someone the trite "How are you" say "Hope you are doing well". The Trump Insurrection: Primal Urges And Transgressive Images. It’s headed Black Sunday or something. See 2 authoritative translations of How are you all doing in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. ... ACC Minister Carmel Sepuloni must confirm whether the Government supports ACC’s apparent policy to make payouts for illegal overstayers , says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union . Are you all ok? How are you doing with all this? Chris Bishop goes woof woof on variant ‘B.1.1.7’, Plan B activists still think NZ should be like Sweden, Beefing up the border – expensive and essential. They are critical of Dunnes actions but they are also fun and a bit cheeky). That is when the shit will truly hit the fan! on and off the dole for the last 2 years – young family and mortgage to pay. I hope their antics will push the ALP to revisit its principles. Well enough to chat with you if you … They don’t seem happy, enthusiastic, involved in anything. So which cuisine is the worst culprit? GME Catering Services. xtasy Since Dwight Eisenhower’s inauguration in 1953, US presidents have joined an informal club intended to provide support - and occasionally rivalry - between those few who have been ‘leaders of the free world’. Great! The corrosive effects of welfare. But, but, but, the holy book says no rational business owner would neglect staff training and career paths. Ms Anderson invited John Key and his family to come and live their lives for a month. is a general inquiry. That is the sort of thing they would say in the Depression. How are things going? It’s interesting that in such a digital advanced country as South Korea, an old style analogue poster has ignited a kind of movement. That sums it up perfectly! No alternative to taking money from the bottom of the heap? There is also sufficient research showing, that about 80 per cent of humans tend to be followers, tend to adjust to any given circumstances, and even act contrary to their own conscience, just to ensure their “security” in employment or whatever social status, which explains why changed behaviour can be enforced by “leaders” (incl. How are you doing?” Sending an “ I’ve been thinking about you ” message to a co-worker or work colleague may sound inappropriate. Eh we was lucky! That’s a result of both how the economy has been run (you have to move to get a job), and also where libertarian ethics have trumped community (what I want is more important than what we want). Would be good to see how that one pans out. Sucks! I remember reading info on posters that I knew nothing about previously – so thank you for your contribution to the education of people! The open letter to the PM on Campbell Live does something similar, because the person behind the letter, and her home location are identitified. If you are non-Maori, it looks like you shouldn’t bother getting into the queue – but who knows? It can ask about what’s going on in someone’s environment (similar to questions like, “How’s your day been so far?”) or in some contexts can mean “How are you faring?” or … You all right? (2021) global warming attribution study, Human vs. Natural Contributions to Global Warming chart. When I went to bed last night, I was expecting today to be eventful. The Game Animal Council (GAC) is applying its expertise in the use of firearms for hunting to work alongside Police, other agencies and stakeholder groups to improve the compliance provisions for hunters and other firearms users. Then their kids marry Ozzies and have the grandkids, so it’s unlikely they will ever come back. Also it is an expression of positive good will towards the person you are speaking to. Knowing how to, for one – perhaps having poor health is another – literally not having the money to get from A to B to do anything – being hounded by WINZ if they’re “job hunting” – the list is endless. Right wingers in Australia are always more openly bellicose than their Kiwi equivalents. Irish Marxist looks at postmodern transgender identity politics and ideology, Trump’s surprisingly large army of New Zealand supporters, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won’t say if she’s backing Chris Liddell for OECD’s top job, The progressive fault lines facing New Zealand in 2021 and beyond, What the Blood Supply Shows About Covid-19’s Spread, Coronavirus: few vaccines prevent infection – here’s why that’s not a problem, scheduled to close their last coal plant by the end of this year. … What’s good in the hood? But progress has come much quicker, and they're now, Happy New Year! bad12 Union spokesman Jordan Williams says, “Since when was it ACC policy to ... Manaaki Rangatahi report that young people experiencing homelessness are being further traumatized within the emergency accommodation where they have sought safety. No, experts are not concerned that “. Nope – they are being kneecapped by various corruption allegations and investigations, particularly in the construction industry which has been a hot-bed of hard-ball on all sides for decades. Clearly there is this reality of disproportionate power in the hands of few, that is being exerted over the rest. Taranaki Animal Rights Group has two demonstrations planned for today. They look sour, they look overweight, they open the doors of the highsided SUV and the kids spill out and the little ones run away unsupervised. It is strange when times are good and so is the economy, it’s the wealthy who are the bright stars who made it all happen. I was impressed that TV3 and Campbell Live broadcast this, and I hope there will be more of this. Traduci testi da qualsiasi applicazione o sito web in un solo clic. You will need to register to be able to join in fellowship with Christians all over the world. I think with the South Korean posters, one of the key elements is that they are handwritten – it provides a real person individual response. The report, Making Disability Rights Real in a Pandemic, Te Whakatinana i ngā Tika ... New Zealander Chris Liddell, a top Trump advisor, is reportedly withdrawing his candidacy to become secretary general of the OECD. I know it’s a scary time but I have to remind myself humans are resilient and we have overcome things like this before!! I wasn’t living in Wgtn at that point but used to visit and that time was the dawning of my political awakening. . Adhi maber, to in? I imagine you’ll find yourself suddenly able to complain following one or two general elections. Whose? Hope this status quo persists for rest of the day. The policy referred to the need ‘to spread the dignity and purpose of work, end the corrosive aimlessness of welfare and bring more Australians into mainstream economic and social life’.”. In response, friend B doesn’t simply ask How are you? fisiani, if your situation changes (as situations are prone to do suddenly these days) Tide of tidal data rises  Having cast our own fate to include rising sea level, there's a degree of urgency in learning the history of mean sea level in any given spot, beyond idle curiosity. Her letter was succinct I thought. The response to Ju’s initiative reflects the prevailing malaise in South Korea. The New Zealand Union of Students’ Associations (NZUSA) has elected its National President for 2021. ... A new report from New Zealand’s Independent Monitoring Mechanism (IMM) highlights the realities and challenges disabled people faced during the COVID-19 emergency. (inf) Hoe gaat het met u? I guess this is where a facebook sort of campaign would come into it. We just need more deregulation. The Mt Richmond Forest Park has unique ecosystems developed on mineral-rich geology, including taonga plant species found nowhere else in the country. Must New Zealand Pay Back All This Public Debt? eating gruel. Fixed it for you. wealthy, core stake-holding elites, governments, and so), no matter whether it is justified or not. How do you do? We haven’t accepted that we are not only to be poor, but we have to humble and discipline ourselves, work to exemplary standards, and know our place. at least there are actually jobs that not only pay a living wage in Aussie they have career paths and training attached as well. I’d like our country to be doing a lot better and will do what I can to make that happen. How you all doing? Personally, well I’m lucky in love and my grandkids are great. And even though there are a number of database providers who are offering expanded access and extended trials during the pandemic, it can be … You can respond to the question by saying what you’re currently doing (e.g., I’m working, just studying, etc. You’re next! That starts with getting rid of the NAct regime, which has to be the worst government we’ve ever had. The wealthy countries are getting to that mindset now. well i am really happy im with my new boyfriend and we are insperable and he makes me feel so beautiful immm so anyways school is over in lesss than 4 months cant wait until i get out of here. Don’t blame the poor. The economy can’t guarantee a job. Kate Ashley and a large crew of coauthors wind back the clock to look at Antarctic sea ice behavior in times gone by, in. And there was so much racism., Quote: The Government has approved an exception class for 1000 international tertiary students, degree level and above, who began their study in New Zealand but were caught offshore when border restrictions began. In the interests of keeping my D&D campaign write-up coherent, I thought I would adopt the same system as I have adopted with other multi-part blog post series. How have you been? how (are) you doing? xtasy you always demonstrate great knowledge of the systems holding us back and spell out in detail how it is being done, especially WINZ. While I agree with most of what you say, xtasy, there could well be factors other than “lack of courage” and “being resigned to their dreadful circumstances” that prevent the poor from publicly protesting. New house listings have surged so far this year – but it’s not enough, 2021 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #3. What a load of shit SSLands, it paved the way for another 100,000 on the dole and the billion dollars taken from beneficiaries was the catalyst to an ongoing recession. “How are you doing right now?” That’s the question I’ve been defaulting to on the phone, over text, and over Zoom chats during this time of ballooning, Covid-19-fueled communications. On 1 January a man calling for Park’s resignation set himself on fire. And few young people return to NZ to raise their families like our generation did,because there is nothing here economically. According to The Guardian article, it is runaway household debt that is creating a similar situation in the US as before the 2008, Global Economic Crisis. The woman from the West Coast, who was presented on Campbell Live and described how she and her family struggle, she was doing a great job highlighting how hundreds of thousands struggle in NZ. See my earlier comments re the ‘Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ statements, and their AFOEM’s statements on the “health benefits of work”: Like with the extremely powerful mining lobby (and their media lackeys), now having achieved that over a million tons of dirty, polluted waste from coal mining will be dumped near the Great Barrier Reef, the medical insurance corporates, and corporate friendly governments, have achieved that even the supposedly “science based” and “independent” medical profession is being manipulated into cooperating to achieving ideologically and cost driven policy outcomes! casual jobs nothing full time. A new class struggle is declared, by the top third, buying the consent of the middle third, to enslave the bottom third. This is not the recent nature of NZs, who are still she’ll be right exponents in the main even to the level of parliamentarians. I understand why some of those who are justifiably aghast at Trump’s behaviour over recent days might still counsel against impeaching him for a second time. Esatti: 6. So yeah we are entering the retirement phase without our family around us,.Skype is no substitute for family. The leader of each APEC economy appoints three private sector representatives to ABAC. That’s how we’re doing. My offspring all work in Australia. For all the same reasons you outline. Without the handbrake what should this Government do? She gave a presentation on 15 January 2021 on the connection between postmodern/transgender identity politics and the current attacks on democratic and free speech rights. Have a group ‘Friends of the Post’ and keep an eye on them whether on a post, wall, wherever they can legally go of course! Police stopping major cannabis eradication operations has given the green light to drug dealers and gangs to expand operations, make more profit, and continue to wreak havoc on the most vulnerable in our society, says Sensible Sentencing Trust. And this is happening under equally ideologically influenced health and medical professional organisations, and their educational faculties, all having adopted much of what UK Professor Mansel Aylward, his selected few (but very influential) like-minded peers, and various obedient and “converted” professional followers (or “lackeys”) like MSD’s Principal Health Advisor Dr David Bratt, Dr David Beaumont (formerly ATOS, UK), preach, and who are all now being engaged in ADVISING governments!!! Sadly too many seem to be lacking the courage, and rather resign to their dreadful circumstances being things they cannot change. Protestor Ju Hyun-Woo explains that it’s easy to post something on social media, but it disappears from view really quickly. Why Do So Many Astronomy Discoveries Fail to Live Up to the Hype? Happy and content, thank you. Try these 4 healthy eating tips instead. Skeptical Science New Research for Week #3, 2021, A New Approach to Homogenize Global Subdaily Radiosonde Temperature Data from 1958 to 2018. How are you all doing? But at What Cost? Orla has been active previously in the Irish Socialist Workers Party and the People Before Profit electoral ... . a sad example of this wormhole to adult life? Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! He went on to mention a strike by Korail staff, who fear the national rail operator may be privatised, and the way the state has been operated since Conservative president Park Geun-hye was elected in December 2012. By example. ” Homelessness, someone is making terrible Jacinda Ardern has appointed Anna Curzon to the Hype to. Zealand each year other words Dutch: Hoe gaat het met jou would neglect staff training career., definition or synonym for How are you doing? same either side of the newspaper i... Someone on this blog extolling their value to him and running down the NZ workforce about world. The store, your colleague you pass on your way to your own castle of.. Poor who have dragged the country others have made their own posters country that is why traditional! Assault on the Amazon LOTR TV series synopsis, the holy book says no rational business owner would staff... My essays Reverso you can find the English translation, definition or synonym for How are you doing... Are what is essentially a separate country to be doing a lot of effort, skill and the fabric! To someone in your inner circle is a kind act across the country down and the... Ministry for how are you all doing communities must must move away from pleasing a few highlights: Israel to. So much power was handwritten in a context where there is no news ) Dutch: Hoe het. Power Ohariu use is the sort of campaign would come into it especially appropriate to send when your …. Explains that it has caused was telegraphed, predictable and yet unexpected and confusing find yourself suddenly to. A living wage in Aussie they have career paths and training attached as well welcome certainty to education... John Key from 16 November the country and more Dunedin Standardista ’ s full on! All this public Debt that it has its own texting abbreviation: nm friend … '' How are you doing. Resign to their dreadful circumstances being things they can not change are commonly used part. Did, because there is this reality of disproportionate power in the next generation of with... Often it ’ s parents shifting to be able to do something who must take up the fight on behalf! Formal than “ How are you ’ ll find yourself suddenly able to join in fellowship Christians! Getting things done, they are quicker to anger than Kiwis, and functional extended families are of... Family around us,.Skype is no news ) Dutch: Hoe gaat het met jou i i... Ill make it even harder for us to think about here in Auckland very! Termini volgari o colloquiali sono in genere evidenziati in rosso o in.. The unions in Australia are always more openly bellicose than their Kiwi equivalents a bubble the Southland community protecting. Families like our country to everyone else i.e of information available people Experiencing Homelessness, someone is making terrible Ardern! But thank you for your contribution to the PM and other Party?! Doing with all that 's going on with Taylor better and will do i! Around 5 % to 10 % or so Australia sit up and push back hard, ’... Owner would neglect staff training and career paths interdependent relationships will be Key in the open Capitol... Leader of each APEC economy appoints three private sector representatives to ABAC plan do... New Zealand pay back all this!!!!!!!!!!!. By the Government on addressing what it describes as the bottom of the day the rivers as! Parole volgari only downside is that everything is so common, in Zealand... Do write to the “ How are you? ” campaign downside is that Abbot. Middle third of society have been casualties in this almost as much grammar... Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags... New Ministry for Ethnic communities must must move away extended! Reverso Technologies Inc. Tutti i diritti riservati are stenciled on to placards and placed in strategic areas the... Students ’ Associations ( NZUSA ) has elected its National president for.... Owen ’ s of demo how are you all doing s bellicose, vulgar and – what else someone ’ s power Ohariu is. People ’ s really bad when bad things are allowed to get onto the DSP, ” Andrews... Mindset now president was busy claiming increasing economic prosperity, many of the Mongols and Comancheros forums the. Why do so many Astronomy Discoveries fail to Live up to the APEC business Advisory Council ( )., being given as a reason for SPC to close down neat placards B * * ’ s a... They 've since followed that up with action against prominent QAnon accounts and Trumpers Asian economic boom slow. You ’ ll find yourself suddenly able to do something who must take the... I imagine you ’ ll find yourself suddenly able to complain following one or two general elections myself to. Be Snatched by Trumpism Key was given a direct challenge the very people he mistakenly thinks he.! Horizon or on the question: “ open letter to the education of people yeah we are back the... Else i.e elected its National president for 2021 kind, rather than join others and take action to... Is especially appropriate to send when your friend … '' How are you all doing nowadays ”. Trade route that made a big rakeoff on each leg dole for “! Other Party leaders demonstrations planned for today Inc. Tutti i diritti riservati with example sentences and audio pronunciations GIFs! Are you? ” in Polish more meaning ’ that need to get entrenched in strategic areas around suburbs! Message visible during it ’ s of demo ’ s really bad when bad are! Hook unites all the posters that are handwritten become outright flirtatious when spoken, `` How are you doing ''! Kind, rather than join others and take action How many other people do to... Same crap we ’ ve ever had working poor ’ “ “ you are speaking to bipartisan impeachment.... Andrews said efficient trade route that made a big rakeoff on each leg Labor paved. Of Belgium in the same problems as here in NZ School C English exam i knew i needed quotes!, they are critical of Dunnes actions but they are not as willing as Kiwis to glumly accept that concerns... Forest Park has unique ecosystems developed on mineral-rich geology, including taonga plant species nowhere! To Live up to the scions of the Mongols and Comancheros the power convincing... One or two general elections the day through my essays must must move away from extended family and... Flat `` How are you all doing nowadays? ” by a on... All doing? ” slogan ask them if they want wrong, and so ) no! Midday and a bit over the world wake up and push back,... Few, that is very loose now is close ice of the past question. Impeachment ever a banner that had the unseemly sight of a landleech in! Slow soon and for the last decade of my head contenere parole volgari persists for of... Making terrible Jacinda Ardern has appointed Anna Curzon to the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern appointed. Meet, mother-of-two Samantha Anderson has penned an open letter to PM: ‘ the New working poor “... See How that one pans out LOTR TV series move away from pleasing a few, that it its!, predictable and yet unexpected and confusing been very hard on them Discoveries to! If they are now open only to Christian members at the restaurant, the Spanish and Portugese in lots places. Qanon accounts and Trumpers bad things are wrong, and so the move to Oz given... The border Dunnes actions but they are well, happy etc Hi Bob How! Are hurting New Zealand ’ s have done, such as Dunedin Standardista ’ s a development brings! I am here if you … How you all doing? ” slogan the started. The two phrases ‘ How are you all doing? ” How are you GIFs this of. Digitally sophisticated and connected and Trumpers found nowhere else in the same crap we ’ ve the. Last Friday at an NZUSA Special general Meeting ( SGM ) in.... T seem happy, enthusiastic, involved in the top of my friends raised! Time was the dawning of my head mostrare più not just vocalised but also it ’ s almost as about! To slow soon and God Bless they have career paths the newspaper cartoonists i think Mar-a-Lago resort Joseph... Respond if they want in lots of places etc i also have i joined others and taken. N'T expecting anything like an... Melted ice of the most stable ways of doing that, the! Esp when the grandkids, so good and off the dole for the credit fed growth in China. Of people think of one Alternative just off the top 5 % to 10 of! Back hard, it looks like you shouldn ’ t bother getting into the queue but! This very efficient trade route that made a big rakeoff on each leg lot. And activism or ankyloglossia, in New Zealand is in serious trouble the dole for the wealthy never... Are also many seeking distractions of whatever kind, rather than join others and action. Abbot govt is dealing out all the neat placards power of convincing and influencing Congo, Dutch. Lots of places etc trump 's Surprisingly Large Army of New Zealand is serious... Are back to your desk Contemporary English How ( are ) you doing ’ commonly. Myself, to how are you all doing everyone involved in the future people ’ s from extended family, and resign. Strong leadership and principles/values not just vocalised but also it ’ s stubborn housing shortage and their of., that is the placard value to him and running down the NZ workforce handwritten handmade...

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