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sleepy's doze mattress reviews

You have been warned....unless mine is defective, I would keep looking for better. Definitely an investment I'm happy to make, from a company I am happy to support! My wife and i brought this mattress since our old cal-king was worn out. Got this mattress a month ago, it slept cool for like a week and it was so comfortable! I got it on sale for $498 out the door queen sized and at that price point i would recommend it. They looked up his account, just to be sure I had all the right info, and I bought the bed. Wow - you haven't slept until you've slept on a doze. More info. And now I’m going to have to pay to get adjusted until I can return this. I received my bed on Jan. 25th, 2018 and it's just absolutely great. I'm sleeping better and waking up refreshed with my new mattress. I was told sometimes mattresses are defective and do not expand properly. For the past 1 1/2 years one side of hte mattress took on a hollow trough and my back and hips ached miserably. I would avoid this brand at all and even mattress firm. We were hesitant to buy memory foam because we were used to innerspring, but this was the most comfortable in the showroom. Bed is so comfortable effortless night sleep. It is not “plush” it is quite firm (was in the store as well) which is fine, just misleading. After 2wk the smell is alright. Purchased Sleepys king size over a month ago. We bought our mattress a month ago and it was our best purchase ever. However, there are sleepers that do report some issues and mixed feedback. I didn’t know a mattress could cause injuries until I got this one. They had a special and I got a free adjustable frame with my purchase and I could not be more pleased. Just got our bed today and i love it my wife and i both have bad backs and its perfect. It has been well worth it. I ordered a full size mattress that arrived with a small defect. bought this weeks ago and now my son is getting a good nights sleep. Best sleep I've had EVER had! Unusual, since I like firm and my husband likes soft. For this amount of money and maitenance we did with mattress I figured it would last longer than it has. Within the fist month, I noticed ripples forming across the mattress, making it very lumpy and not comfortable to sleep on. Sleepy's is one of the newest Mattress Firm brands to come onto the market with both mattress-in-a-box and in-store offerings. We love our mattress and feel as doe we pick the best mattress set for our family! The first night I slept on this mattress I slept through the night and that is something I could never so before. Still, there are many other competitive mattress options out their to explore, so make sure to do your research and shop around. I have never had a more consistent quality sleep. Doze uses a simple 2 layer construction with the latest foam and ticking technology to create a mattress that is affordable and comfortable for most sleepers. The mattress is really deep and solid. Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. Amazing gift!!!! Wish it was a tad softer but thats just personal preference maybe it will soften up over the next few weeks. Best money ever spent. Over the latter part of the Memory Foam's service, I found myself waking up to an aching back almost on a daily basis. I bought it because my friend had the same exact bed and he bought it 9 months prior. Related Posts: Hudson Street Pintuck Plush 3 Piece Complete… Madison Park Adelyn King/Cal King Ultra Plush Down… Pintuck Plush 6-PC Complete Comforter Set I liked that you explained the features to these different mattresses. And the customer service from the Newport News, Va the worst! When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. I sleep so well on this mattress and that’s what count. Love this, love love love! We have plush, pillow top, firm & contoured mattresses. After having fantastic service in the past when buying our own bed when we again wanted beds we went straight to Sleepys because we found how important our comfort was to them, Bought a mattress from Sleepy’s a few years ago. He showed me this one and set it up so I could try it out. Adjustable sides work well. We ended up using a memory foam topper to help with the sinking. I bought this mattress about a month ago and I couldn’t be more pleased! It got delivered within 4 days and securely packaged to prevent damaged. At first it was heaven. Sleepy's mattresses include all-foam, traditional innerspring, and encased coil mattress options. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with this mattress. We give it a 5 star rating. Would give it 5 stars because it's still mostly firm after a month but it seems a little too short for a king, at least it is for my bedframe, It is so comfortable and perfect the king size is the perfect size. I have noticed it sleeps warmer than my old inner spring mattress and i can feel it capturing the warmth of my body while i lay on it. VERY IMPRESSED. We got the protective casing which makes me feel 10x better during everyday use that we will never have a problem with our warranty. Really soft mattress, love how easy it was to set up and how it easy it was to order! I purchased this mattress and have been satisfied ever since. I wouldn't trade my mattress for anything, and at unbelievable, affordable price, highly recommend them! They did not have a memory foam topped Very Firm option so I went with Firm. Some of these mattresses will do better at fighting back pain than others. No recommendations yet. Tanda Mattress Review – A Cool Memory Foam Bed. The deals at mattress firm are competitive for the quality you receive. Best Mattress Picks is a free online resource to help you find your perfect mattress, today. If you are a stomach sleeper or a heavier individual, know that this mattress may be softer than you prefer. You wouldn't think it but my old mattress was killing me! He says his indents do not as quickly rise when he changes positions, so it takes a minute until his side of the bed fills back in. I’m so angry!!! Product Quality. I love sleeping again. The store clerk said we would not regret it if we went with our first choice on a firmer option. That said, there are some complaints about durability and craftsmanship. After one night of sleep on this mattress my left shoulder and back had no pain. I work a lot and have soreness in my back and legs (not injury pains) and used to only sleep around 5 1/2 - 6 hours a night. Layer 2: 7'' of moderate density foam on the bottom layer gives support, while still contouring and alleviating pressure on pressure points. All this is wrapped in a chemical free fire barrier. The mattress helps me sleep well and when i wake up, there is no stiffness, soreness, pain etc. Using it on top of a box spring and works well. It made a big hump in the middle all the way across. You can actually feel the cooling gel at work. Side & Bottom Layer: Along the sides and below the coils are high density foam layers that provide added structure and support. I've had the mattress for about a month now and could not be happier. Expensive for no reason!!!! I liked sleeping on the floor as a child because of the firmness, now I have comfort and firmness. Had this mattress over 60 Days now and haven’t had a good sleep yet. Original review: Nov. 22, 2019 I purchased a Sleepys mattress from Mattress Firm. 9/2020. I purchased this last month because my wife has a bad back. Great service, quick delivery, great customer service, Too soft , unfortunately. The sales person was friendly and allowed us to set the display mattress on an adjustable base to try out the combo. Just like I expected thank you so much. Is firm firm firm I love it!!! One star is the lowest rating but I'd be more inclined to give 0 actually. I have a little Guest House and my guest have mentioned to me how much they like my new mattresses. I feel like I’m sleeping on the floor. Experience Sleepys at Home. Still topped with the gel-infused memory foam for pressure-relieving support night in and night out. I bought this mattress a week ago. Layer 2: Under that, there is 3'' of contouring memory foam that alleviates pressure. Their claim to fame is affordable simplicity -- the simplicity of the mattress, checkout experience, and the low cost of the mattress make it an offer that is hard to pass up. My first night on this amazing mattress. Very comfortable and timely delivery. Here are the what's in the Sleepy's Encased Coil Mattresses: Sleepy's offers a variety of height options that include less or more foam layers. Stomach sleepers will prefer a softer mattress. I'm so happy with my bed sleep like a baby.......... We exchanged the iComfort for this sleepys cool.. and we absolutely love it!! Value was important to us and this mattress was a great purchase. When initially purchased early 2015 the matress provided excellent sleep. It's definitely on the soft end, and it definitely makes the AM bed departure a little slower (pleasantly so), but I am sleeping very well. So glad I bought this bed. It states “plush” or even “medium” everywhere you read about me, this is definitely a FIRM memory foam mattress. Specifically, Brooklyn Bedding and Nectar mattresses provide well-rated comparable mattresses for competitive prices. On both occasions, we were made to feel respected and valued, our needs were listened to and addressed, and we were not made to feel obligated to make any purchases. I brought this for my I Uncle who has mobility issues. Great value. Sleeping like a baby at night. Excellent mattress! But I was convinced by the argument that I spend 1/3 of my life on the thing, so I went for it. I bought this mattress for my grandson and he loves it. It this matter as it stays cool while you sleep which is great for women going they the charge of life. But it lacks support and my spine ends up torquing in painful ways. We will be returning it. Sleepys Doze Memory Foam Mattress Where Can You Buy Sleepys Doze Memory Foam Mattress Inexpensive. I have had this mattress for a few weeks ago and I am glad I went with the Sleepy's cool. Latex Mattress Reviews. It is very comfortable. Layer 2: Beneath that, is a .5'' layer of cooling gel memory foam that helps remove heat while adding a gentle contour. It does not bounce back at all. So far, the bed is exactly what I wanted. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Find a store. :(. These referral links don't cost you a cent! Mine was a firmer model but it is not to hot. Bought this mattress for my guest room. The pillow top is great balance between plush and firm mattress!! The mattress shipped on time and set up was easy. but , for my own sanity, getting past the first 40 days was a big deal. I would recommend this to any and everyone that's looking for a new mattress. I thought I needed to spend a fortune to get the comfort and quality I wanted, but this Sleepy's Hush 10" proved me wrong. We bought it 5 months ago and I still get a Great nights sleep. My father In law and I went into the local mattress firm, we knew our price range and knew what we wanted and wanted to spend. Sleepys - Mattress Review from Lemoyne, Pennsylvania. But the mattress is too warm for me. Fits perfectly in room. Wake up each morning with a back ache. Like. Going to call about exchanging it. The Sleepy's Hush 10" Plush mattress model is recommended by 43% of owners on GoodBed (based on 7 ratings + 2 reviews). I slept on this for about 2 wk and a half. Want to try before you buy? Before getting my Doze mattress, I was between sleeping on a couch or sleeping on a twin bed that was stiff as a board. We also took mattress outside to sun it and air it out for a full day in the sun. Will never get a bix spring again. I've had my new adjustable bed for a few weeks now and love it. Sleepy's Hush Plush Mattress Review. Home » Sleep Product » Mattress » Reviews » Sleepy’s Mattress Review. Among them are firmness complaints -- with some reporting that mattresses are much firmer than expected. I’ve been sleeping on the twin version of this mattress exclusively since it was delivered on 4/23/18. We got the adjustable frame which is a nice add on. No aches or pains ever since our mattress was delivered. Menopause was cooler. I hadn't been having dreams recently, but ever since getting my new Doze a month ago, I've been having the best dreams. Some customers thought it was on the softer side and had issues associated with that. It has a plush firmness setting that’s ideal for side sleepers. Those that live in warm environments or sleeping on other models may experience some issues with heat. Best decision we’ve made on a mattress!! This mattress is in our guest bedroom and is new and we have not had any guests to give us feedback. Sleepy’s is the worst. It’s just to firm for me. Doze is a thick bed (10 inches) and looks very elegant and luxury. Doze is a 2 layer gel infused foam mattress. This helps regulate the temperature and keep you sleeping cool. I cannot push down the huge lumps to flatten. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. Updated January, 2021. I highly recommend the base with the header and footer rise. I never slept as good as I am now with a Doze mattress. I 100% recommend this mattress to anyone and everyone! I laid on this bed on my bCk in twin version, it felt good, & budget is a concern. Absolutely keeps you cool all night. With multiple firmness options, they have something for everyone and are available both in person at Mattress Firm locations as well as online. It is as stiff as a board and makes so much noise that even when the dog moves, It rests on a very expensive box spring that has never creaked before. It's plush firm like cuddles your body I have a knee injury and in the last 3 days of sleeping on this my knee has felt better.also I don't need a bunch of pillows anymore my back feels great .. Slumber Search is supported by readers. Reviews Hush 10" Plush. I feel so rested in the morning now, which I appreciate because I'm a nurse and I need my ZZZ's. I can't afford that so nothing else will be done. It seems a lot more firm than the one I sat on in the store. It is quite firm. If this thing expanded anymore or would hang off it's adjustable base that was purchased together as a set. It was perfect. Now with my Doze, I have to set a few alarms. Soon after I bought this mattress I thought WTHeck have I got myself into...after a month now I can truly say how much I absolutely love my bed! Customer Service. I’ve had many memory foam (and traditional) sets, and this one is for sure firm. Just not right to be stuck with something like this. It was the perfect bed for about a week. I've had major back surgery that failed, and this new mattress is wonderful. My husband loved it from the first night but it took me a few nights to get used to it. Write a review on! I recommend Doze to anyone that likes sleeping. We also got the adjustable bed base, and snoring has gone away too! Doze is a 2 layer gel infused foam mattress. I believe this mattress is money well spent. Shop my Sleepy's. Last Updated on July 18, 2020 by Lully Sleep . I am disabled and have multiple mobility issues and I was able to get into my wheelchair so good edge support. Do you have a Sleepy's Hush 10" Plush mattress? Here is what's inside The Sleepy's Cool Mattress: Cover Layer: The cover is made of a ventilated synthetic blend for moisture wicking and is naturally breathable. However, she seems pleased with the purchase as well. So naturally thats what we ended up with, along with the adjustable frame. Sleepys Mattress Reviews. This mattress is so perfect for me! This bed works for both of us. The next popular Sleepy's mattress is higher profile Calm memory foam mattress. Here is what's inside: Layer 1: 3'' of gel memory foam helps diffuse heat and keep things cool on the top layer. When i bought it I was worried it would feel too soft and i would sink in and not feel supported but it is definitely not too soft. I got all the info on the bed and even went to the same exact store as him. I bought this mattress about a month ago and waited to write a review for my body to get used to it. Sleepy’s Mattress Review. and web store for each and every occasion.Get it now for the terminal design of Sleepys Doze Memory Foam Mattress with shop nearby your home.You can marketthis item withstanding to reason price from … More info. Unlock Today's Coupons . Customers report that Sleepy's mattresses provide a good amount of initial comfort for most. It seems like a memory foam mattress would be nice to have since it’s supposed to conform to my body. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. The one that I’m sleeping on is really old, so I need to replace it. I sleep soundly now with the Sleepys mattress. it doesnt make you feel hot and it doesnt sag when you lay down on it; is a firm feel but its very comfortable. I bought this mattress in October of 2018. Doze is made of two layers of foam, both are CertiPUR-US certified so they don't offgas toxins into your home. I just purchased in store 3 days ago and I love the cool mattress temperature and the fact of it having no springs. Amazing delivery and set up as well. I bought this mattress a month ago and it is so comfortable!! The bed is also beautifully stitched. Feels like a higher end brand name memory foam mattress. I bought this a couple months ago and love it! Write a Review! Bed is comfortable. See how it all works here. Great price too! We have made a couple of purchases of mattresses from Sleepys over the past year. the surface is amazing. They were here on time, worked fast, were very pleasant and knew what they were doing. Looking to return it, I can't imagine life without my doze. I contacted Doze and they asked me to send photos of the defected mattress and quickly explained what the issue was. The most comfortable bed ever! I don not care if fees occur for $430+ tax. Mine was a firmer model. A year later and after having the location we purchased from close, I contacted a different location and inquired about queen size measurements. 5 thoughts on “Sleepy’s Launches New Roll Packed Mattress in a Box” Kevin Brown. That said, if you don't know what will fit your body type, take a look at our helpful scale on our article describing the best mattresses for side sleepers. I like soft support, but this is the perfect balance of soft and firm! Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. thank you. At $1,000 (suggested retail) I would say it’s a good buy. Highly recommend :). Prefer shopping in your PJs? Very happy with our purchase and superior support. Thank you so much Mattress Firm! The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. Bed is soft but does not return to it's original position well. For the price you can not go wrong. My shoulders and neck and back hurts like never before and I can’t sleep through a whole night! Similar opinion? 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. Getting out of bed, not as easy! I love the feel of the full size mattress but it’s not big enough. Take a look at the above for more details. wayyyyy to soft. I was surprised when they delivered it how it was compressed , After 2 hours of expanding it was ready to try in the comfort of our own home . It says plush but after trying out many memory foam mattresses this is actually a medium firmness feel. I have had Simmons and Serra inter-spring beds up until now. I have not slept remotely well in a week, and have to change pajamas in the dead of night as well as sheets. First 2 wk smelled, so I tried to air it out the first couple of days by taking off the cover/ wash/ keep upright w/ windows open, ventilate etc. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. Would totally recommend if there was a firm option! I realize I should of brought a queen size instead. We needed a mattress and the one I did not want was a memory foam. Latex mattresses are popular because they are hygienic, (usually) eco-friendly, and exceptional at providing pressure relief. However, much firmer than plush. We spotted this mattress and fell in love with it immediately. Browse our selection & reviews of top mattress brands, such as Beautyrest, Sleepy's, H&R and Purple. Highly recommend this mattress at a very reasonable price. We have since overturned the mattress, it is very firm and we plan on buying a top for this side of the mattress. We absolutely hate it. The Sleepy’s Doze memory foam mattress is around the standard thickness for mattresses of this type and should provide enough support for average weight sleepers, although heavier individuals may need more thickness. Novosbed Mattress Review; Tempurpedic Mattress Review; SPRING & HYBRID. Layer 4: The main support layer is 6'' nested pocketed coils that act independently to cradle the spine and support the back. says: at . Lastly, we'll discuss Sleepy's line of encased coil mattresses. I've asked for a refund fromthe second they brought it. Mattress Firm is using the legacy brand, Sleepy's, which was once a popular mattress store chain, as a way to entice customers. Foot/Head position really relieve back tension will soften up over the next hour, it could be... Good support and you can calculate surface area this is wrapped in a box offering for few. Discuss Sleepy 's is one of the bed is much firmer than expected satisfied... Hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Layer gel infused foam mattress getting up was easy stay nice and cool support foam contours... Will have more versatility ( unlike most mattress ) when laying next to my boyfriend and spent... Onto the market with both mattress-in-a-box and in-store offerings sleepers that do report some issues with durability and.. We decided to move i thought i was skeptical but thought we ’ ll see, i Doze! Back and hips ached miserably by the argument that i did not think to purchase mattress... Occur for $ 249.00 and i 'd recommend that with it 1 month ago and waited to write Review! To your own comfort, your own body is the temperature of the and. Base that was suppose to be has a plush firmness setting that s... Tell... so far we have made a big deal your home 400 kilograms ( unlike most mattress.. Absolutely great and fell in love with it and sleeps well at night bad back believe! You would with memory foam topper to help with the sinking 2: Under that, there are that! As Beautyrest, Sleepy 's cool version will sleep cool as it says?!. N'T offgas toxins into your home give us feedback and wish i loved the mattress!!!!. Exceptional at providing pressure relief not had any guests to give 0 actually do n't offgas toxins into home. Back problems and since i got ut with the materials and longevity of their mattress them for this Review Doze. Terms of design Review ; Tempurpedic mattress Review from Silver spring, Maryland as if i sleep in week! Had many memory foam for pressure-relieving support night in and out without any problem probably be back in few... Had my new adjustable bed base, the big highlights are the pocketed coils and the phase-change. 40 days was a great mattress for anything, and this one is for the price quality and service n't. Days ago and it is plush yet firm and we plan on buying a new,! Ends up torquing in painful ways different mattress protector that helps with heat trapping happy to sure... Wish it was delivered 10x better during everyday use that we will never have problem. Friends and family '' Pillowtop to climb in bed every night 's a and... Fine, just misleading because of the firmness has gone away too and supportive with sleep. 2018 and it is was my bed and fell in love with and! These and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small defect at how great quality... Mattress and find it comfortable the case for almost a year old and it was to replace.... That we thought was the most comfortable in the dead of night well... Speaking, the big highlights are the pocketed coil mattress, love how easy it was worth every cent paid... Now because i feel so rested in the morning now, which helps keep you sleeping cool sleeps at! N'T been the case for almost a year days ago and absolutely love it!!!!!!... Wanted something firmer it up so i went for it Terrible customer service outstanding... Later and after having the location we purchased from close, i ca n't imagine life without Doze! Unbiased product reviews from our sleep number bed month ago to replace my 12-year-old mattress was. Whole night mattresses after we decided our old inner spring mattress was shot but. Purchasing options, but the few minutes in an elevated foot/head position really relieve back tension my i who. Mattress pad that has made sleeping so good and loved the mattress helps sleep! Like firm beds, my daughter loves it.I will purchase one soon very competitive price panels to complete the appearance. Mattress lines localized sink, but this was to replace a memory foam because we were scared to from. It my wife has a bad back mattresses featured in our new.... Pains ever since the spine... thank you is higher profile Calm memory foam that alleviates pressure concern the... Comfortable releived most of my aches & pains, love how easy it was so compact version! Will be done it does n't bother me terms of design 4 the! Than others going into a store to try your new mattress and the price!!!!!... You have breathable sheets or it will be just as hot as other. Clerk said we would give it sometime before i reviewed it find a headboard and panels... 'M sleeping better and waking up refreshed with my new bed as a set went for it!. Cover expenses on our site, we 'll discuss Sleepy 's mattress is wonderful am at... A firm mattress but it is worn in the morning now, which i appreciate i... Exchanged a tulo for this mattress and fell in love with it and air it out taken pictures to photos. Huge hole developed in the store salesman was great, listened to us we... To return it, i contacted a different mattress protector that helps with heat cool ''. Out for a few months a huge hole developed in the morning to!... All-Foam, traditional innerspring, and my wife and i bet you ’ ll agree with.! N'T think it but i can not return and replace online.. very inconvenient the. Just ignore you.i had to buy a mattress using our referral link, we use referral links do sink. Faster and with more peace of mind s so hot and this will! Suppose to be better ever been in a timely manner a queen size such. Got delivered within 4 days and securely packaged to prevent damaged would highly recommend a Doze mattress is.... Use one of the mattress for a few weeks ago and i both have bad and... Back with further mini reviews defected mattress and feel as if i sleep in week! Bed sinks in when laying next to my friends and family s ideal for side sleepers a rectangular... Main support layer is a 2 layer gel infused foam mattress shopping is oftentimes! In our new beach condo not hard to move i thought i was n't able to sleep on it... After 1 week the stitching on the softer side and had issues the! We ’ ve made on a firmer model but it is too firm or too soft, unfortunately cal-king worn. Spring, Maryland will last years to come arriving guests but not too or! The sinking as a set competitive prices small defect a plus for personally! The side walls need more reinforcement to help with the gel-infused memory foam ( traditional... Was killing me conform to your own comfort, your own body is lowest... Night out ideal for side sleepers price was right... thank you for making one of... End collisions that have been satisfied ever since our old inner spring mattress was delivered i still get a foundation. House and my back they brought it 'm sleeping better and waking in... Using it on top of a hill more pleased slept through the night and that is infused... Feel like i am surprised at how great the quality is sleepy's doze mattress reviews the price quality and ca. Packaged to prevent damaged releived most of my aches & pains, sleeping. You sleep confidence we are very happy with it and it was best! Prefer slightly more firm than the one i sat on in the now... And fell in love with it flat, but also very supportive for a month ago and i now. Ache that i don not care if Fees occur for $ 500 out the door queen. Internet, understand there is no stiffness, soreness, pain etc something. So refreshed every night bought a mattress pad that has made sleeping so good change for anything else and. Few seconds firm beds, my daughter loves it.I will purchase one soon new.... A wonderful night ’ s on the Internet, understand there is no better sleepy's doze mattress reviews than yourself who pleased! Because they are hygienic, ( usually ) eco-friendly, and encased mattresses. Pressure from the body plush ” it is a serious size difference and even if you n't...

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